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 oAs - Introduction

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PostSubject: oAs - Introduction   Tue Oct 27, 2009 1:13 pm

oAs stands for Original Aussie Soldiers, we we're formed at the start of 2009 and pride ourselves in being one of the most member friendly and organised australian clans to date.
We run by the idea that our members come first and we are 110% devoted to bringing them the best experience possible while they are in oAs, we focus on having fun and making mates instead of the old stereotypical clan where thier goal is to clan battle every clan and if they win most of the time that means they are good. These old foundations mean nothing to oAs, we dont beleive clan battles represent a clans ability but shows thier consistancy as a competitive group and doesnt really reflect the clan what so ever.
We strive to be known as a clan which comes together as a community to be working together completely not just the select few to make a reputation of our own, we dont judge a player by thier skill, we simply help them improve by surronding them with a group of highly skilled player who can also be thier friends to achieve a higher level of skill then before, we will always continue to improve as long as we are around and we dont plan on leaving very soon.
oAs have a large leadership devision which enables us to control a large amount of members, consistantly allowing all members to get to know and play with each other, we have a no member gets left alone mentallity which makes membership in oAs all the more rewarding but ultimataly the more you put into oAs, the more you will get out of it.
We have a very structured and organised ranking system with different titles and symbols to enable members to identify a members standing within oAs, oAs* are the recruits which all new members start as, oAs~ which symbolises a basic member of oAs, oAs! which means the member is a high ranking member within oAs and oAs+ which is made of the leaders and the very best of oAs, ranking takes different time frames for each member depending on thier overall effect on oAs, a member who is comitted to oAs will always move up faster then someone who isnt and we can tell immediatly who they are.

If any members have anything to add, feel free.

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PostSubject: Re: oAs - Introduction   Tue Oct 27, 2009 2:48 pm

Well that pretty much sums up what were all about.
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oAs - Introduction
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